Client Advocate

Client Advocate(s)
Under the supervision of the Shelter Manager (or a designated staff person), Client Advocate(s) provide advocacy on behalf of clients based on client needs, including: assistance with obtaining social security benefits, medical benefits, food stamps, housing, and other interventions as may be deemed appropriate to help clients stabilize and develop greater self-esteem, confidence and security. The Client Advocate(s) will maintain client confidentiality at all times and document summary documentation as may be required.

The requirements for this volunteer position include:
   Knowledge of resources in the community;
   Ability to engage with clients in a confidential and compassionate manner;
   Ability to set limits and respect boundaries with clients;
   Ability to liaison on behalf of clients
   Ability to document progress as may be appropriate or required
   Ability to as for assistance as may be needed, but to work with minimal supervision
   Ability to perform in accordance with Shelter policies, practices and procedures.