Do you or someone you know need a bed?
If you are a man aged 18 or older with no shelter for the night, please take the following steps to reserve a bed with us (if beds are available):

1. Call the Baltimore County Department of Social Services (DSS) at 410-887-8463, press option 1 for English, and press option 2 for Homeless Services. Once speaking to a representative, ask for a referral to be sent to the Streets of Hope Shelter. NOTE: DSS must receive a call from the homeless individual for the referral to go through.

2. Wait for our call. Once we receive a DSS referral, we will inform the person in need of shelter if we have a bed available. 

3. Arrive on time. Shelter opens at 6:00pm each night. A guest must arrive within three (3) days of referral at opening time to keep his bed reservation. Intake begins the night he enters the shelter.

4. Check our guest policies and procedures in the column to the right before deciding to enter our cold weather shelter. We are a drug and alcohol free facility.

5. Think about how you or the person you know needs help. Our staff and volunteers can assist with finding employment, housing, addiction help, and other resources to help our guest out of the homelessness cycle during his stay. 


Entry Requirements

An applicant will only be accepted into shelter if:
    • he is a man aged 18 or older
• he is not a registered sex offender
he is truly homeless (has nowhere indoors to sleep for the night) 

Shelter Rules
  1.   Show respect to staff, volunteers, and other
      clients. Disrespect includes the following:
      • Resisting or disregarding rules 
      • Continued bad language 
      • Continued yelling, raised voice after asked to speak more
      • Inciting others to aggression or violence 
      • Making continued rude comments about other clients, staff,
             or volunteers 
  2.   No alcohol may be brought into the shelter. 
  3.   Submit to search (pockets and belongings) upon intake each
  4.   No illegal drugs or weapons. 
  5.   Leave others’ property alone. 
  6.   No verbal or physical attacks, violent or disruptive behavior.
      Verbal attacks include: 
      • Violent threats 
      • Threats to friends or family not present 
      • Physical attacks include any incident in which a client
             inflicts (or attempts to inflict) physical harm to another
             client, staff person, or volunteer. 
  7.   Do not arrive drunk or high. Staff will evaluate based on
      breathalyzer test at intake or at any point during a client’s
      stay. Breathalyzer tests will be conducted at random, or
      based on probable cause. 
  8.   Arrive every night, or have a pass from the Shelter Manager.
      Clients must arrive between 6:00 P.M. and 6:30 P.M. Clients
      must call ahead to the Shelter Manager or shift manager on
      duty to alert if they will be late due to work, family visits,
      events, etc. 
  9.   Smoke only at designated times at designated places (outside
      the shelter facility). 
  10.   Clean up after yourself. 
  11.   Observe lights-out / quiet time. 
  12.   Do not loiter outside around the shelter, before opening or in
      the morning. 
  13.   Complete chores according to chore schedule.