Shelter Activity Aide

Under the supervision of the Shelter Manager (or a designated staff person), the Shelter Activity Aide Volunteer Position provides needed assistance to the shelter staff member on duty and under the supervision of the staff members engages clients in the milieu with organized activities to promote socialization, community building, and entertainment as may be appropriate. The Shelter Activity Aide Volunteer may, as appropriate engage clients in a group setting, and may, as might be appropriate, provide individual activities to client(s) who may have difficulty participating in group activities by providing him with appropriate individual activities.

The requirements for this volunteer position include:
   Sensitivity to clients and their ability to tolerate group and/or individual socialization activities;
   Ability to engage clients meaningfully in a non-judgmental and compassionate, respectful manner;
   Observe and respect individual boundaries
   Basic knowledge of interpersonal and group dynamics
   Seek guidance as may be appropriate
    Document work and volunteer hours in accordance with Shelter practices