Churches for Streets of Hope supports the proposed HOME Act for Baltimore County.

What is the HOME Act?

Just from looking at a map, you can see that Baltimore County is heavily divided by income. Part of the issue comes from a landlord's ability to deny prospective tenants based solely on their source of income, especially those tenants in the Housing Choice Voucher program. For some county residents, this program and other subsidized housing programs are the boost they need to begin living a stable and independent life. Many of the men we serve at Streets of Hope benefit from programs such as these.

With the HOME Act, legislation proposed to the Baltimore County Council, low income individuals can live in a different economic environment, one with better opportunities and lower crime. These individuals have taken all the many necessary steps to receive housing vouchers. Some have physical and/or mental disabilities that prohibit them from earning a living wage. Landlords would not be able to discriminate against these applicants solely because they receive housing vouchers. Note that background checks, credit history, former living situations, and other factors will all continue to apply for anyone who seeks rental housing.

For more information, read this East County Times article (to the right) submitted by Camp Chapel United Methodist member Tom Groff. If you would like to show your support as the hearing for this legislation draws closer, please sign and send letters to your local county council men and women. See templates and information below.