Job Opportunities

Churches for Streets of Hope is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Shelter Shift Assistant

Job description

The Shift Assistant is a part-time hourly position who reports to the Shelter Manager

(hourly pay based on experience). Shift Assistants help to monitor the 16-bed cold

weather shelter (Streets of Hope) during open hours, 6:00pm-7:00am November 1 –

April 15, and during freezing weather periods as determined by the Deputy Director of

Baltimore County Social Services. They are on the front line of shelter operations:

interacting with clients, volunteers, churches, and special visitors.

Primary Responsibilities

  • At Shelter Manager’s direction, assist in following established intake process on

each accepted applicant, including conducting the intake interview and filling out

all appropriate forms.

  • Maintain and respect all men’s privacy by keeping all records locked, and

refraining from discussion of clients where they can be overheard by other


  • Assist in maintaining a journal of the activities and events in the shelter that will

also be kept locked and available for review by the Shelter Manager, Executive

Director, and Board of Directors.

  • Assist to ensure that all chores are completed in a timely fashion.

  • Assist in preparing shelter for opening and closing before and after clients leave

the facility.

  • Report any incidents of fighting or abusive behavior to the Shelter Manager and

Shift Manager immediately.

  • Follow and enforce all rules established for the operation of the shelter.

  • Assist in documenting all entries and dismissals

Keep client records confidential, whether written or verbal.

  • Maintain good and encouraging relationships with all clients.

  • Report to the Shelter Manager and Shift Manager any verbal or written updates

on clients’ progress in finding housing, employment, or other benchmark areas.

Requirements & Experience

  • Experience working with homeless or at-risk population

  • Effective interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to work under pressure and in an emergency, especially with clients with

physical or mental disabilities

  • Ability to work nights and on call.

Hours / Compensation

Flexible hours at $12.25/hour. Must be able to

work between the hours of 5:30pm and 7:30am. Two shifts available: Evening (5:30pm-

12:30am) and Morning (12am-7:30am).