Additional Supplies For Meal Teams

While serving dinner is a major part of providing for our guests, we still need items for breakfast and occasional lunches during freezing conditions. If you or your organization have food of any kind you wish to donate, please contact us to find out if there is a need at that time. To arrange food donation, please contact Darleen Baugher: (443)801-6763

Current Food Donation Request includes:

  • One large box of cereal (please not a lot of cheerios products)

  • One gallon of milk

  • One case of 16 oz. water bottles

  • One juice/fruit drink - 40-60 oz.

  • One small loaf of bread or rolls

  • One or more 2- liter bottles of soda (no diet please)

  • Fruit (bananas, tangerines, apples) or pre-packaged fruit cups

  • Small snack packages such as crackers, cookies, breakfast bars (granola bars, poptarts)

  • Paper goods are always needed: plates, cups, napkins, utensils, paper towels.